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Best in ClassWe offer the best hotels in Galapagos for an enjoyable land-based 3-7 night package with options for land-based tours and day cruises to some of the nearby islands. These are great packages for people who are not comfortable aboard a live-aboard ship or yacht or who would like to add a few days on land before or after their Galapagos cruise.


Pikaia Lodge Eco-Adventure Hotel Packages


Hidden in a secluded location and nestled on top of an extinct volcano crater. Pikaia Lodge is a stunning new alternative for exploring the “Last paradise on Earth” in a comfortable and truly sustainable land-based way.

The Pikaia Lodge concept is designed for the environmentally conscious, physically active eco-adventure traveler, who seeks close contact with the unique natural wonders of the Galapagos with the highest level of comfort and services that could be reasonably provided within the limitations of such a remote, restricted and eco-sensitive location. No lack of privacy, seasickness nor confined spaces of the typical yachts or cruises. As our Pikaia Lodge guest, you will enjoy active, quality guided land and marine day programs in small groups. At night you’ll rest in spacious and quiet accommodations.

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Finch Bay Eco Hotel and Resort


Our award-winning Galápagos Islands Hotel, the Finch Bay Eco Hotel, lies just steps from the beach in a secluded location, across the bay from Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz in the heart of the Galapagos Islands. Our guests love the hotel’s natural surroundings, the ocean, the swimming pool and bar area, our chef’s culinary creations, the fact that we’re close to everything and yet set apart, our daily yacht excursions aboard our own superb yacht, and of course, the warm and sincere service that each and every one receives. We consider all our guests to be our friends. We’re convinced they feel the same way. We hope to make you a friend of the Finch very soon!

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Royal Palm Hotel


Welcome to The Royal Palm Hotel – a secluded hide-a-way nestling in the lush Miconia highland forests of Santa Cruz in the heart of the Galapagos. The Royal Palm is a spacious and exclusive 190 hectare (480 acres) private estate, only 20 minutes-drive from the bustling port town of Puerto Ayora. With just 8 Casitas (Spanish for little house!) and 13 exclusive villas, our guests can enjoy privacy, space and quiet seclusion.

Designed and crafted to complement our natural environment, this is as close to nature as you can get! The native ferns and flora create a carpet of contrast and color that cover the gently sloping hills down to the coast and beyond. Our resident birds include owls, Darwin Short Beak Finches, Garrapatero birds and Egrets and for our more active guests, the longest lava tunnel on the Island is a few steps from reception!

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