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Sailing Yachts

Best in ClassSailing in Galapagos! Our Galapagos sailing yachts will accommodate from 12 to 16 passengers in comfortable accommodation. All of the sailing yachts in Galapagos travel under power to get from point A to point B, but the one’s we offer actually set sail to help stabilize the yacht in rough seas and when there’s enough wind to sail without power.


SS Mary Anne


Mary Anne’s speedy and elegant design continues the legendary square rigger tradition. This large and truly romantic sailing-ship, takes on the waves majestically under full sail or power! For the true sailors-at-heart, the raise-the-sails moment is an exhilarating experience. With ample decks which provide splendid space to relax with friends, take in the sights or enjoy the breeze, she accommodates up to 16 guests. With almost 1,000 square meter of canvas, our MARY ANNE is the best option for sail-ship lovers. Launched in 1997, this Barquentine is the most befitting way to visit these Islands in “Darwin’s footsteps!” A very important plus, the MARY ANNE was specially designed with sound, environmental-friendly cruising in mind.


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S/C Nemo I


The Nemo I (also known as the Nemo Martinica) is a 14-passenger sailing catamaran, offering a unique cruising experience in the Galapagos Archipelago. The catamaran was designed and built in France by Dufour & Sparks.

On this catamaran you will experience the Galapagos Archipelago to its fullest. Most social areas are open deck spaces where you will constantly enjoy the most spectacular views of the islands and their volcanic rock formations. These areas include various lounges and catamaran netting at the front. Meals are served in the indoor and outdoor dining areas. When weather conditions permit we can turn off the engines and raise the sails, navigating silently through one the world’s natural wonders.


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S/C Nemo II


The Nemo II Catamaran offers 8 and 15 day Galapagos cruises with guided tours in the enchanted Galapagos Islands. Cruise the Galapagos aboard this elegant sailing catamaran. This is an ideal yacht for individual travellers or for a group of families or friends who are interested in a more intimate experience with the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands.

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